>Sorry I haven’t been here for a week. Not too much happening.

Friday and Saturday, I had to go to Fairview Heights, IL for a seminar to renew my IA (Inspectors Aurhorization).

Had to sit and listen most of Friday to three (3) FAA Aviation Safety Inspectors. They work in the local St. Louis district office. The first speaker was okay, but the next two just repeated what the first speaker had said! As a matter of fact the third FAA speaker was not even prepaired! He would put a slide up on the screen, read to himself what was on the slide, then say, “oh yeah”. The he would just read off the damn slide out loud! Totalty unprepaired! He shoud have been giving us more indept information about what he was READING off the slide. It was like he had just seen the slide for the first time in his life. Not only that, but he used the same slides that the other two FAA speakers used. Because he was giving out the same information. Half the audience was falling asleep! It was just unbeliveable. The other speakers the rest of the day were excellent. They gave us information about aircraft systems. They were vendors for some of the companies we deal with. One gentleman was an instructor for one of the local A & P (airframe and powerplant) schools. He was the best.

Now your thinking, “shouldn’t you know already about aircraft systems?” Yes we do, but this is a yearly refresher course, and that is what you do. You refresh your memory about how things work. And you share experences that you have had in the past about a system problem that someone else might be having now. So, you share information that you have with others.

But, NOOOOO, the local FAA ASI’s have to get up show that they can’t be public speakers. And embarass themselves, the FAA, and the group of mechanics that but this thing together every year.

Oh well, is it over until next year……


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