>Sorry I haven’t updated my blog for a couple of days.

I got home Tuesday afternoon. American Airlines lost my bags. Thank God I was going home and not out to work.

Been busy the last couple of days working on the stairs to the basement. Remember the foundation crew we had out in November to repair the wall? Well I had to put new drywall up and I put wainscoting on the walls over the drywall. I had Scott’s friend Brad to help me with the job. It took us 2 1/2 days to get it completed enough for the carpet layer to come Monday morning and replace the stairs carpeting. Still have to put back up the door to the basement and some drywall in the basement.

They postponed my foot surgery until 6:00 pm tonight. So I won’t get back home until about 10;00 pm tonight.

I am going to have Natalie this weekend be my private nurse. LOL…

Will post tomorrow for sure to let everyone know how the surgery went.

Well time to leave for the doctors.


3 thoughts on “>Home

  1. >Hi there, I’m a web friend of Shannon’s, and just wanted to wish you well with your surgery. Glad to hear that it went well and I hope that they get the pain under control for you. Good luck with your recovery.


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