Got into Bahrain this morning. Went to the Sheraton, and guess what?……..

“Sorry Mr, Twente, but we don’t have a resveration for you and we are out of rooms”. We have a room for your First Officer, but none for you.


Not again!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay get me a manager! Get me my cell phone! Get me a ROOM!!!!!!!

Manager comes over and sees me steaming, and presto-chango…. I get a room.

Flew all night. Was up most of the day. And I have to leave in 18 hours.

Leave at about 4 am tomorrow for Sheiffeld, England.

Oh yes, did I mention they changed my trips again?

4 thoughts on “>Bahrain

  1. >HOW can i participate in the aviation college and how should my degrees be to qualify me to be accepted,and i would like to mention that i prefer to implement my study in Bahrain ???


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