>Basement wall


This is a couple of pictures of our stairs that go down to the basement.

It is hard to tell from the pictures, but the wall has a crack about 24 inches down. This is because the garage is on the other side of this wall. And the garage floor is pushing the wall in toward the basement. In fact it has move the top 24 to 30 inches of this wall in about 4 inches!

Therefore the crack. The garage floor is being pushed by the driveway. Which is being pushed by the street in front of our house. This is caused the the kinetic energy of the cars and trucks coming to a stop at the stop sign on the opposite side of our house.

Three months ago the city came out and cut the first 8 inches of my driveway and took out the concrete and replaced it with asphalt. This in turn has created a buffer between the street and my driveway.

Now the fun part. I have to take down this wall and take up the carpet on the stairs, so that a crew can come out tomorrow and reinforce the wall. They will drill 4 holes into the wall and insert 14 foot rods through the wall into the ground under the garage floor. Then they will drill 2 foot diameter holes in the garage floor and dig down about 4 feet. They then attach plates at each end of the 4 rods and torque up the rod to reinforce the wall.

I will take and post pictures as the work progresses.

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