>Hong Kong


OK are you ready for this………

We left Hong Kong on Sunday morning local time. Got into Anchorage Sunday afternoon. About 12 hours of flying in about a 14 hour period. We made a fuel stop in Hrabrask, Russia.
When we got into Anchorage we were told we were flying BACK to Hong Kong 13 hours later!

So, this morning Anchorage local time, we flew non-stop PANC (Anchorage) to VHHH (Hong Kong). 12 1/2 hours. We flew over Tokyo and got these pictures of Tokyo Bay and MT Fuji.

Then as soon as we got into the hotel in Hong Kong, we took the subway over to the Golden Computer Center. The other two guys I am with bought some things. I was the tour guide. Got back and went to Sticky Fingers. A local bar across the street from the hotel the crews go to for drinks. Those of you that know me know that I don’t drink. So, I was the designated driver (remember the bar is ACROSS the street from the hotel) LOL…….

We are here until the 15th. Then we go back to PANC.

Life as a freight dog….

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