>Stanly Market…Hong Kong Island


One of the captains I work with, Dieter Goerke, and I went to Stanley Market yesterday. It is an all day trip. We first board a ferry boat that takes us from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island, accross Victoria Harbour. Then we take a 1 hour bus ride from the Hong Kong Central District thru Hong Kong Island to the other side, to the Stanley Market.

Once there we go SHOPPING.

We shopped for about 2 hours, looking at all the different stuff for sale. From silk scarfs to shoes, from jade to clothing, from purses to watches. I stopped by a shop that we go to to get “Greg Norman” golf shirts. These same shirts retail in the USA for about $80.00 each. Here I can (and did) get 4 for $200.00 HKD (Hong Kong Dollars). That’s about $25.00 USD. Talk about a bargain!

We ran in to a couple of other Kalitta Air crew members that are staying at another hotel. We didn’t even know they were in Hong Kong! We went to a cafe/bar a block away from the market and sat and had some drinks and onion rings. The restrooms were marked – Squat & Squirt for the women, and Stand & Aim for the men. It was funny to watch men not read and understand the signs on the doors of the restrooms.

After talking and drinking for about an hour, Dieter and I started back to Kowloon and our hotel. But we first went to Aberdeen Bay. These are some pictures I took. We road on a small boat to a floating restaurant called the “JUMBO FISH BOAT”. The first picture is of me in front of the main entrance.

We started our excursion at about 9:00 am and got back at about 6:45 pm.

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