>Waikiki Joy Hotel


Melissa in scheduling wanted me to lake some pictures of the hotel rooms we stay at when we are in Honolulu.

The picture of the toilet is there because it has a couple of unique features. The seat is HEATED! It also has a rinse feature fro your bottom end…. LOL A bidet.

We have a kitchenette and a large Lani with patio furniture!

All in all, a nice place to relax in paradise.

God it’s a tough job….. but someone has to do it…… LOL

We leave for Guam and Japan later this afternoon.

Oh…I forgot to tell you the plan has changed. They commercialed me yesterday afternoon from LA to Honolulu. We are flying for the military to the Air Force base just outside of Tokyo, Japan. We will make a fuel stop in Guam. We are doing a heavy crew, 2 captains, 1 first officer and 2 flight engineers. I LOVE heavy and double crews….$$$$$$$$…… I get paid for the time I work at the controls and the time I sleep in the back !

So will be out of touch for a day or two.

One thought on “>Waikiki Joy Hotel

  1. >Nice room. Poor baby. anyway, had colonoscopy and EGD done this afternoon. Waiting on biopsy results, but they think i have Barrett’s esophagus, precanerous cells if not taken care of, and had 2 internal hemmorids and they removed 1 polyp. Didn’t tell me how big it was, usually the bigger they are the more likely they are cancerous. Should have results in 10 to 14 days. That is the part that sucks. Will let you know when I know. Please be careful and I love you.Baby Sis, Diann


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