>New York, New York…

>Ok, here goes…

Sunday at 7:15 am scheduling called and said they had a trip for me. But I have to leave at 3:10 pm that afternoon for NY. I get to NY and they tell me that the trip was cancelled. But, they want me to take a limo from Newark to JFK and ferry a plane (N704CK) back to Newark, then take another limo BACK to JFK and ferry another plane (N714CK) to Oscoda, Michigan.

I take the limo Monday afternoon to JFK and get the first plane (N704CK) and ferry it back to Newark. But, wait….

The “plan” has changed again….

Instead of taking a limo back to JFK, we are going to ferry another plane (N747CK) from Newark to Oscoda. Good news! (for a change).

We fly to Oscoda, then drive a company car (ex-police cruiser) the 4 hour drive down to Ypsilanti.

Get up this morning and run over to the office at 10:45 to see what scheduling has planned for me. At first, they don’t have anything for me, but as I am standing there talking to them (time is now about 11:30 am)they change their mind. They assign me a trip out of JFK to fly to France, tomorrow morning. I rush back to the hotel, pack and get a ride to the airport for a 1:45 flight from DTW (Detroit) to JFK.

Get to the motel at JFK, call scheduling to let them know what room I am in, and guess what……

The France trip cancelled!!!!!

So here I sit until further notice………….


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