>Kansas City

>Susan and I are in Kansas City with our oldest grandchild, Westley.

Westley is staying with my parents and helping grandpa “20”.

Susan’s mom is still not doing too well. They are going to give her a blood transfusion Monday.

Westley and I are going to the Chiefs vs Vikings game tomorrow. We are going to Arrowhead Stadium at 9:00 am for a noon game time. We are going with my sister Connie and my brother-in-law Ed to tailgate. You have never been to a football game until you go to Arrowhead for an experience of a lifetime. And it all starts with the tailgate parties prior to the game. And during the National Anthem, when they get to the part that goes…”and the land of the free, and the home of the CHIEFS!” Everyone yells that last word instead of “home of the brave”. Then during the whole game the entire field level seat never sit in their seats. They stand the whole game!

GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!


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