>Home Again….


Sorry I haven’t updated my blog since I left Alaska. But the Internet service in NYC at the Five Towns motel we stay at was down the 3 days I spent there.

Got back home yesterday at 1:00 pm.

Travel department was going to send me home via Atlanta, GA on AirTram. Just a few problems with the itinerary (LGA-ATL-STL) was that I was going to be traveling about 10 to 11 hours for a 2 hour flight (JFK-STL). Then, AirTran doesn’t even fly into St Louis (STL). Also was the fact that I would have gotten to STL at about 5:35 pm.

We pick up Natalie (granddaughter) each Wednesday for a 3 hour visit each week. So it was going to be hard for Susan to pick me up at the airport and pick up Natalie by 6:00 pm.

I got them to send me home via Islip, NY on Southwest Airlines, to BWI (Baltimore) then to STL.

Trip home on American Airlines was going to cost the company $650.00 (JFK-STL). The flight I took was about $220.00.

Home until October 1st. Then start another 17 days.

We will be in Kansas City for the weekend. Susan’s mother still not doing too well. And we are taking my oldest grandchild, Westley with us to visit his Granny B (Susan’s mom) and Grandma & Grandpa “20”.

I will report back in Sunday night after we get back.

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