We are in Hong Kong. Actually Kowloon. This is a picture of Hong Kong harbour from my hotel room.

We went shopping today at the Ladies market, Golden Computer Center, and the electronics market. Walked, and walked, and walked.

Almost didn’t leave Liege, Belgium.

We were about ready to go when we discovered that the lav valve that empties the toilet contents, would not close. This is a NO GO item (ya think?)….

The mechanics were estimating that it would take at least 5 hours to fix, IF they had the part they thought they might need.

Once they started to take apart the cover over the toilet, and looked (yes I said looked) inside the tank portion of the toilet with a flashlight. They saw a 12 ounce plastic water bottle had gotten stuck in the valve that allows the pretty blue water out of the holding tank into a special truck. One of the mechanics then stuck his hand (yes, I said, STUCK his HAND) inside the holding tank and removed above stated water bottle! Then off we go to Bahrain and then on to Hong Kong.

There you go….

Life flying the line as a freight dog… LOL……..

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